Mix & Match!

Mix & Match Letter Action CardMix & Match Letter Action Card by Heike Linnek

This card works like a sudoku puzzle. It comes along with several letters and embellishment. Because of using Tack’n’Peel, everything adheres non-permanent on the surface, so you can spend a lot of funny time combining it and trying to find out how many words, phrases and designs are possible to create. Hubby had a lot of fun with the possibilities… read more

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“Don’t Sweat It” DIY 😅

Last week, during “#LinksWeLike Wednesday”, we posted 33 DIYs For The Classiest Person You Know, courtesy of Buzzfeed. Each of these projects were stunning and unique in their own ways, but some can be a bit intimidating. The idea of trying to figure out how to put together a geometric side table made of copper pipes has me hyperventilating just thinking about it. Lucky, not all of the projects featured on the list were so difficult or crazy to make. So here are my versions of several of the projects from last week’s very chic list:


(photo via A Beautiful Mess)

1 – Turning a Mirror into A Giant Gemstone
Now this is where my laziness kicks in. I’m very unlikely to take the time cut into glass and then sand it down. I’m a busy woman and I don’t have time for that. Instead, I am way more likely to use my Tear It! tape and place it in the shape I would like it to be, then use metallic embossing powder to create the lines. This is substantially easier and takes half the time.


2 – Polka Dot Tray & Matisse-Inspired Foliage
Okay, yes technically it’s two projects but they’re so similar I can knock ‘em both out of the park. How you ask? STAZON!!! StazOn ink works on both non-porous and porous surfaces. I can use StazOn original in all its vibrant colors for the Matisse-inspired project and StazOn Opaque for the polka dotted tray. Both inks come in wide mouth bottles so if I really need to saturate my painting tool I can. It’s also super fun to leave a Fantastix in a StazOn original wide mouth bottle and create my own “marker” (this trick works with API as well).

Photo via http://www.hellolidy.com/matisse-inspired-mixed-foliage-painted-tray/

Photo via Hello Lidy 

Photo via Sarah Hearts

Photo via Sarah Hearts











3 – DIY Japanese Printed Bowls
These bowls can be found at a lot of different stores in various surface types (wood, ceramic, or plastic, etc). Depending on what surface you’re using you may have to change up the products, but I like wooden bowls the best. I can easily use Creative Medium to decoupage my decorative paper to the basin and StazOn and GlazeOn for the outside. The project is a little messy, but it’s a lot of fun. I typically will use the bowls I make for storing small items like rings or other small pieces of jewelry. They look expensive, but cost less than $10.


And there you have it, some of my favorite DIY projects and my lazy girl tricks.
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#LinksWeLike Wednesday!

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Make An Impact with Small-Scale Art

2015_january_mc_theme_mainwmCreative Blocks by Maureen Cronin

My decorating style includes using fun vintage children’s blocks to spell out various words that might celebrate a holiday or add whimsy to a shelf.  Words like ArT or CReaTiVe are even more interesting when you mix the sizes and colors. My 2015 blocks combine old paper and gold tones to create a vintage look… read more


Get Moving – A Card in a Box! by Jowilna Nolte

Sometimes creating a flat card is just not good enough, sometimes something different is refreshing. For today I created an accordion fold card inside a little box. Not only can it be used for the card, you can add a small gift inside for the recipient too… read more


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Big Things Come in Small Packages

2015_April_HL_moneyholder_main1LMini (Match)Books by Heike Linnek

I’m a librarian and love books in every form. These ones are made from matchboxes. Once started I wasn’t able to stop producing them. They are perfect to give notes, coins, vouchers or any other little somethings and can be adapted to many occasions.


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#LinksWeLike Wednesday!

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Travel Journals & Keepsakes!

Summer means plenty of trips and travel adventures! What better way to treasure those memories than with a travel journal?

2015_June_JN_Traveljournal_MainSimple Folded Keepsake by Jowilna Nolte

We all love traveling, and I for one would never be home if traveling was free – as the saying goes! But for now I am concentrating on traveling locally and with all the ticket stubs and travel related documents that we collect I created this quick and easy folded travel journal… read more

2015_PW_artist_lazysummer_Main       2015_June_RJ_TravelJournal_Main_WM

Sand Between Your Toes by Penny Ward                       Suede Travel Journal by Roni Johnson