Party Fowl

by Eric

October Challenge Project – Party Fowl

By Eric Erickson



  • IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko: Kaleidacolor Dye Inkpad Creole Spice; Memento Luxe Tuxedo Black; GooseBumps Shimmer Texture Spray; Fireworks! Craft Spray: Bamboo Leaves, Rich Cocoa; InkBlusher applicators
  • Crafters Workshop: 12˝ sunburst stencil
  • Crafty Individuals: rubber stamp
  • Cardstock: yellow, tan, white
  • Miscellaneous:  tear drop paper punch, googly eyes, red crafting foam, cardboard (or similar like mat board), brown felt feathers, green paper flowers (to be used as leaves), Xyron sticker maker, craft stick

Directions for creating the turkey on the left page of the layout


Step 1  Place sunburst stencil over white paper cardstock.  Secure in place.

Step 2  Using an InkBlusher, begin adding color through the stencil with the Kaleidacolor Creole Spice inkpad.

Step 3  Ink flourish stamp with Memento Luxe Tuxedo Black and stamp the colored portion of the sunburst.  NOTE: this same technique was used for the background of the right page layout.


Step 4  Remove sunburst stencil.


Step 5  Spray with GooseBumps Shimmer; allow to dry completely.

EE_2103_Oct_Challenge_step4Step 6  Slice sunburst in half and fussy cut inked portion of the sunburst.  Be sure to stop cuttion approximately 2˝ from the middle of the pattern!


Step 7  Cut two half circles from cardboard (or similar).

Step 8  Attach each half to the front of the fussy cut “feathers” for adding dimension.

Step 9  Glue “feathers” together.


Step 10  Spray yellow cardstock with Fireworks! in Rich Cocoa and Bamboo Leaves.


Step 11 Begin punching MANY multiples from the Fireworks! sprayed papers with a tear drop paper punch.


Step 12  Ink the tips of the tear drops with the dark blue color from the Kaleidacolor inkpad.


Step 13  To create the turkey’s neck, cut a piece of cardboard (or similar) that resembles a long, stretched tear drop.  Cut a simple circle for the turkey’s body and a smaller tear drop shaped piece for the head.

Step 14  Cut a small section (above right) from the circle- the feather pieces do not need to be placed here.

Step 15  Run the feather pieces through sticker machine and begin placing them onto the cardboard piece, slightly overlapping the pieces.


Step 16  Glue the neck piece to the circle body piece.

Step 17  Cut out a few long gangly shapes from red crafting foam to create the turkey’s wattle, adhere to neck.

Step 18  Cut one tear shape piece from yellow cardstock to use as the head and a smaller piece from brown cardstock as the beak (above).EE_2103_Oct_Challenge_step11Step 19  Cut a triangular piece from brown cardstock, rounding one side of the triangle.

Step 20  Adhere a googly eye onto the brown triangle.

Step 21  Cut eyelashes around the eye.EE_2103_Oct_Challenge_step12

Step 22  Turn over to backside and adhere a craft stick to add strength to the shape.EE_2103_Oct_Challenge_step13

Step 23  Attach the completed turkey to the background.  Embellish with flowers and leaves.

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