New product release #4: irRESISTibles


Texture or color?  No need to choose with our new irRESISTible line!  irRESISTible adds both texture and vibrant, fade-resistant color to porous and non-porous surfaces.


card by Sylvia Blum

The irRESISTible Texture Spray creates fine — almost stipple — effects when sprayed from greater distances…


project by Sharon Morrison

…and creates a more opaque coat when sprayed closer up. Here, a piece of our Hand-Cut Monterey Pine was sprayed thickly with irRESISTible in Lady Bug.


The irRESISTible Pico Embellisher comes in a fine-tipped applicator for writing, doodling and other embellishing. A non-clog feature is built right into the cap.

irRESISTible is offered in colors complementary to the Memento ink line. You can also mix colors for your own custom hues. Use with water for a unique watercolor effect, or with dye and pigment inks for high-impact resist effects.

View our intro video on irRESISTible Texture Spray for more info.  An intro video dedicated to the Pico Embellisher will be coming soon.

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