irRESISTible Heart

By Sharon



  • Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko: irRESISTible Lady Bug, Delicata Silvery Shimmer, Monterey Pine Heart, StazOn Jet Black, Creative Medium, Fantastix
  • Miscellaneous: flower stamp, paper flower (or embellishment of your choice)


1. Spray irRESISTible Lady Bug at close range onto the Monterey Pine Heart to get a good thick coating; allow to dry completely.

2. Spray paper flower with irRESISTible Lady Bug and allow to dry.


3. Once the irRESISTible is dry on the heart piece, use StazOn Jet Black to stamp the flower image.

4. Using a Fantastix, color the flower petals using Delicata Silvery Shimmer.

5. Affix the colored paper flower to the heart using Creative Medium.

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