Union Jack & The Mad Hatter

Union Jack Pin

by Allie

Union Jack Pin


  • Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts: Monterey Pine Rectangle; StāzOn: St. Valentine, Gothic Purple; Delicata Ink: Golden Glitz; GlāzOn: Original

  • Deco Art: Satin Multi Surface Paint Cottonball White

  • Unity Stamp Company: Smak Kit “Going Places”

  • Miscellaneous: pin back, masking tape, pin, adhesive of choice


  1. Ink tile sparingly with St. Valentine StāzOn Ink, leaving some blank spaces.

  2. Fill in blank spaces with Golden Glitz Delicata ink.

  3. Seal with GlāzOn. Let dry.

  4. Stamp image with Gothic Purple StāzOn Ink. Seal with GlāzOn. Let dry.  Tip: Apply tile to stamp, rather than trying to stamp onto the tile for more image control.

  5. Tape off Union Jack. Add color to outline of tape with Cottonball paint using a pin. Remove tape and Seal with GlāzOn. Let dry.

  6. Apply more Golden Glitz Delicata ink. Seal with GlāzOn. (Note – the GlāzOn makes the Golden Glitz Delicata dilute and spreads it out.) Let dry.

  7. Replace tape and add Cottonball paint with a pin along edges. Let dry. Remove tape. Let dry. Apply paint along edges of tile with a pin and let dry. Seal with GlāzOn. Let dry.

  8. Adhere a pin back with hot melt glue. (not shown)

The Mad Hatter

by Sharon



  • Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko: Radiant Neon: Electric Yellow, Electric Coral, Electric Purple, Electric Orange, Electric Blue, Electric Green; Monterey Pine Heart; Shimmer Spritz Sparkle; Fantastix; Sponge Daubers
  • May Arts ribbons
  • toner based image (printed on a laser printer or copier)
  • blank card for base
  • embellishments of your choice


1. Color image using a Fantastix to pick up Radiant Neon inks.

2. Trim image and embellish.
3. After trimming, edge with Radiant Neon Electric Purple using a Sponge Dauber.
4. Mist with Shimmer Spritz Sparkle.

5. Being coloring card base with Radiant Neon Electric Orange, working to Electric Blue towards the edges of the card.
6. With Sponge Daubers, tap dots of different Radiant Neon colors randomly over the card base.
7. Adhere colored image onto the card base.

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