Working With Textures

Need to turn ordinary into extraordinary when getting creative?  Let our Artists In Residence inspire you today with these two projects that use texture to take their creations to text level!

Sea Turtle Pendant

by Allie

Sea Turtle Pendant


  • Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko: StāzOn: Hawaiian Blue, Emerald City, Saddle Brown; Delicata Golden Glitz, GlāzOn Original

  • Spellbinders: Sea Turtle blank

  • Deco Art: Satin Multi Surface Paint Cottonball White

  • Miscellaneous: jewelry press punch


  1. Paint the sea turtle blank lightly with Cottonball paint.

  2. Apply StazOn Hawaiian Blue ink; allow to dry completely.  Add a thin coat of GlazOn and let dry. Emerald Green inks.

  3. Add a light layer of Delicata Golden Glitz, followed by a layer of GlazOn when dry.

  4. Repeat the process by adding StazOn Emerald City and then a layer of GlazOn.
  5. Before the GlazOn dries completely, create texture by pressing and lifting fingers into the wet GlāzOn.

  6. Accent edges with StazOn Saddle Brown ink.

  7. Seal the entire piece with GlāzOn.

  8. Punch holes and attach chain.


A Numbers Game

by Maureen



  • Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko: irRESISTible Texture Spray: Angel Pink, New Sprout; StazOn Midi Cloudy Sky
  • QuicKutz: No 73 Numbers Set
  • Rubber Soul: Happy Birthday
  • Miscellaneous: green and white cardstock, vellum, adhesive


1. Cut green cardstock to a 5.5″ x 5.5″ card, cut white cardstock 5.25″ x 5.25″


2. Die cut numbers from scrap cardstock, arrange numbers on white square, first spray irRESISTible Texture Spray Angel Pink then New Sprout and let dry for a minute.  Remove numbers to prevent them from sticking to the cardstock.


3. Stamp ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment with StazOn Cloudy Sky on the vellum, let dry, and then adhere near corner of white number square.

4. Adhere white number square to green card.

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