Stars and Stripes for the Fourth

By John



  • IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko: irRESISTible Texture Spray: Lady Bug, Wedding Dress; Vertigo Tilted, Memento Luxe Nautical Blue, Monterey Pine Stars, Fantastix
  • May Arts: white ribbon, silver cording
  • Spellbinders: Font One Lower Case
  • Miscellaneous: cardstock (white, red, navy), spray adhesive/Xyron sticker maker, adhesive, dimensional adhesive



1. Cut/score navy cardstock to final card size of 4¼˝ x 5½˝.

2. Cut red cardstock to 4˝ x 5¼˝.

3. Cut Vertigo Tilted to 3˝ x 3½˝ with the striped pattern running horizontally.

4.  Adhere cut Vertigo piece to red layering piece.  Note: to keep the glue from showing, use a spray adhesive or pass through a Xyron sticker maker (or similar).


5.  Add white ribbon to the red layer, securing the ribbon on the backside of the card.

6. Tie silver cording into a bow on top of the white ribbon.

7. Secure layering piece to the navy card base with dimensional adhesive at a slight angle.


8. Lightly spray a piece of white cardstock with irRESISTible Lady Bug; allow to dry completely.

9. Die cut “fourth” from the sprayed white cardstock and edge letters with Memento Luxe Nautical Blue using a Fantastix.

10. Cut a small piece of navy cardstock and use as a layering piece between the ribbon and letters.


11.  Ink Monterey Pine Stars with Memento Luxe Nautical Blue with a Fantastix, heat set to dry.

12. Spray stars with irRESISTible Wedding Dress; allow to dry completely.

13.  With dimensional adhesive, adhere stars on top of the Vertigo.


5 thoughts on “Stars and Stripes for the Fourth

  1. Another super Patriotic card. The vertigo film is so much fun! I love the crazy cool effect you get without adding bulk. Again, those irRESISTible sprays kick it up a notch or three or four!


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