Upcycled Coasters

Today begins IMAGINE Crafts’ first day of our UPCYCLED projects created by our Artists In Residence!  Over the next couple of weeks we invite you to see how they’ve recycled everyday objects and turned them into new works of art.  We begin today with a set of coasters created by Linda – this is a huge improvement over the old teddy bear images that were originally on these coasters!

AIR 2014_LL_August_ Challenge - Upcycling 2a wm


  • IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko: Memento: Espresso Truffle,Teal Zeal; Memento Marker Pear Tart, Creative Medium Original, Sponge Dauber, Craft Mat
  • Stamp-It: rubber stamps
  • ICE Resin: ICE Resin
  • Spellbinders: Ephemera Papers One
  • Miscellaneous: brayer, tissue tape, old coasters, white paint to use as an undercoat/primer, liquid adhesive, sandpaper


2014-07-27 AIR 2014__LL_September_Challenge_Recycle wm

1. Lightly rub sandpaper over the coasters to create a slight texture.

2. Apply a primer coat of white paint to the surface of the coasters; allow to dry completely.

2014-07-028 wm

3. Trace coaster outline onto the ephemera paper and cut out.

4. Adhere paper to the top of the coaster with Creative Medium. Smooth out any air bubbles using a brayer.

2014-07-029 wm

5. Stamp images onto the coaster using Memento Espresso Truffle and Teal Zeal.

6. Highlight areas with Pear Tart Memento marker.


7. Mix ICE Resin (following manufacturer’s instructions) and pour carefully (and slowly) onto the coaster.  NOTE: Having a light/lamp close to where you are working makes it easier to see that the ICE Resin is smooth.

8.  Allow resin to fully cure.


4 thoughts on “Upcycled Coasters

  1. This is lovely! I’ll be looking at coasters from the local thrift store to try it out… It would be nice to have a spot where other crafters inspired by this could link up the photos of their creations

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