Upcycled Cans

by Penny



  • Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko:  Memento Luxe Rich Cocoa, irRESISTible: Lady Bug, Teal Zeal;  Pico Embellisher Teal Zeal, Shimmer Spritz Sparkle
  • Carta Bella:  “Giddy Up” digital paper
  • Studio Calico:  Veneer Stars
  • Miscellaneous: 8 short cans, 2 Soup cans, 1 Large can; white spray paint, computer and printer, adhesive, drawer knob, burlap, natural twine


2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 1

1.  Spray paint cans white.

2. Print papers you want to use as well as any embellishments from downloaded digital files. Papers used in this project measure 4½˝x 10˝and then cut in half lengthwise.

2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 2

3. Distress edges of paper strips with Memento Luxe Rich Cocoa.

4. Adhere papers to can and repeat for remaining 5 small cans.

2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 3

5. Adhere 2 small cans on top of each other then mist with irRESISTible Teal Zeal.

6. Adhere drawer knob when dry to the top of the can.

7. Mist the large can with irRESISTible Lady Bug.

2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 6

8. Cut a piece of burlap to wrap around the small can and spray with irRESISTible Lady Bug. Allow to dry completely.

9. Wrap and adhere the sprayed burlap to the small can with knob.

2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 4

10. Apply Pico Embellisher Teal Zeal to Veneer stars and allow to dry.

2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 5

11. Using Memento Luxe Rich Cocoa, ink the edges of embellishments.

12. Mist these embellishments with Shimmer Spritz Sparkle and let dry.

2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 7

13. Starting with the large can in the center, attach the smaller cans around it with your choice of glue.

14. Slide the double can with the knob into the large can, and adhere together inside the can.

2014_August_PW_Challenge_Step 8

15. Embellish as desired with stars, brads, twine, etc.

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