More UPCYCLE Inspiration

Upcycled Cassette Tape Gift Card Holder

by Isha



  • IMAGINE Crafts/Tsukineko: StazOn: Opaque Cotton White (inker), Claret, St. Valentine, Orange Zest, Blue Hawaii, Cactus Green; irRESISTible Pico Embellisher Gold, Fantastix, GlazOn, InkBlushers, Craft Mat
  • Unity Stamp Company: Poppy stamps
  • Miscellaneous: cassette tape cover


AIR_IG_2014_Upcycle_step1  AIR_IG_2014_Upcycle_step2

1. Wipe clean the cassette cover to remove any oils or residue.

2. Use an InkBlusher to apply StazOn Cotton White from the inker bottle over the entire cover; allow to dry completely.

3. Apply a thin coat of GlazOn to seal the Cotton White and to prevent other colors from blending together.


4. Stamp poppies onto the cover with StazOn Claret.  Once dried, apply a coat of GlazOn.


5. Color in the poppies using Fantastix loaded with Orange Zest and St. Valentine. Dab the colors onto the cover rather than rubbing/brushing.

6. Follow with GlazOn applied over the petals.


7. Dab StazOn Blue Hawaii around the flowers. Add a touch of Cotton White to blend and soften the intensity of the blue color.


8. Add Cactus Green with an InkBlusher.

9. Edge the cover with a touch of Orange Zest and St. Valentine.

10. Apply at least 2 coats of GlazOn to seal the StazOn inks and allow to dry completely.

11. Embellish the cover with a few lines and dots using irRESISTible Pico Embellisher Gold.


Ombre Bowl + Upcycled Baby Food Jar Lanterns

By Sylvia


  • Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko: StazOn: Mustard, Orange Zest, St. Valentine; Creative Medium, Fantastix, InkBlusher, Craft Mat
  • Whimsy Stamps: “Lavish Flourishes” stamps
  • The Crafters Workshop: “Mini Dancing Leaves” stencil
  • May Arts: sheer ribbon
  • Miscellaneous: sequins in red and yellow



1. Use a simple, plain white porcelain bowl and clean it (make sure there is no oil or grease on the bowl).


2. Pick up some StazOn Mustard with an InkBlusher tool and completely cover the bowl, inside and out. Set aside and allow to dry completely!


3. Pick up a little amount of GlazOn with an InkBlusher tool and carefully dab it all over the inked outside of the bowl. Set aside to let it dry completely!

4. Pick up some StazOn Orange Zest with an InkBlusher tool and begin to wipe from the bottom of the bowl towards the top, but do not completely cover the outside – leave a small edge of yellow (Mustard) as is. Let dry completely!

5. Again, cover the bowl with GlazOn using and InkBlusher tool and let it dry thoroughly!


6. Repeat with StazOn St. Valentine and only cover approx. one third from the bottom towards the top to create an ombre look. Allow to dry completely.



Directions for upcylced baby food jar lanterns:



1. Use some simple baby food jars (without the baby food) and clean thoroughly.  HINT: One way to get rid of the labels is to leave them for approx. half an hour in warm water and some dish liquid. After that you can easily rub off the labels and the glass is clean.


2. Pick up some StazOn Mustard with an InkBlusher and completely cover the outside glass with the ink. Allow ink to dry thoroughly.


3. Pick up some GlazOn with an InkBlusher tool and dab it on the glass. Let dry completely!


4. Use a stencil, StazOn Orange Zest and St. Valentine with InkBlushers to create a border of leaves around the glass.


5. For the second jar, use a flourish stamp with StazOn Orange Zest and St. Valentine to create a pattern around the glass.

6. Use Creative Medium and a Fantastix tool to glue on some sequins.

7. Use Creative Medium and a Fantastix tool to put some glue around the jar neck and wrap around a piece of ribbon.


Other Ideas for Finished Projects: Put some tea light candles into the jars and decorate the bowl with sand and some tea light candles or use water and swimming candles, or water with blossoms or whatever you like.

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