Murder with a side of DIY 

by Naghma

Despite the popularity of crafts as a hobby, you don’t see a lot of crafting in popular culture, maybe because zombies don’t have the dexterity to ink and stamp.  So when I read that Laura Childs just released the latest novel in her series entitled “Scrapbooking Mysteries,” complete with scrapbooking tips, I picked up a copy from the bookstore that evening.

Gossamer GhostThe series features Carmela Bertrand, owner of a scrapbooking store in the Big Easy, who has a knack for puzzling out solutions to the murders that frequently happen around her. In the latest book, Gossamer Ghost, Carmela discovers the owner of a neighboring business stabbed in his store on the eve of Halloween.  Although her boyfriend is a police detective, Carmela can’t help sleuthing, aided by her spunky best friend. Childs flavors the story with New Orleans culture, including a merchant called Juju Voodoo and recipes for seafood bisque and beignets. What’s not to love?

Although the crafting tips are compiled at the end of the book, they are also interspersed throughout the story, as Carmela shares ideas with her customers.  As a crafty person, I had fun reading about a main character advising on (among other things) creating a pirate-themed scrapbook.  I don’t think a real-life Carmela would find customers as receptive to her every suggestion as they are in the book, but it is supposed to be fiction!

As you’d expect, given Gossamer Ghost is a mystery novel and not a craft book, the craft ideas are very simple.  They’re still inspiring, though, and I had to try one.  I decided to make my own version of the spooky wine labels Carmela crafts for a customer’s Halloween celebration.

Using white cardstock, I die cut a label shape (Spellbinders), then stamped the letters (NPW stamps).

Now for the real fun: irRESISTible “blood.” Using the spray bottle, I dripped irRESISTible in Love Letter onto the label, then flicked the nozzle gently to get a bit of spatter.  For a more intense spatter, just spray the irRESISTible.

wine labelAll that’s left is adhering.  First, I removed the bottle’s label by softening the adhesive with a heat gun. Once you’ve peeled off the label, remove any excess glue on the bottle by softening it with a heat gun, then wiping it off using StazOn All-Purpose Stamp Cleaner.  Then, apply adhesive to your label and stick it on.

finished label on a wine bottleVoila!  Dracula would be proud.  And since it’s a quick project, you can easily create enough labels to cover each bottle of wine at your own Halloween bash.

Have you read any of Laura Childs’ “Scrapbooking Mysteries” or a similar novel?  What do you think of novels featuring scrapbooking or other crafts? Comment below by 11:59 PM PST on Halloween (Friday, Oct. 31) for your chance to win a copy of Gossamer Ghost and a bottle of irRESISTible.

21 thoughts on “Murder with a side of DIY 

  1. I read a lot of mystery books, but generally only if the main character is a professional, as a detective, PI or some such. Usually those that aren’t in that line professionally do stupid things in their quest to find the murderer and it drives me nuts.

  2. I have heard about these books but have not gotten my hands on any of them yet! I am a reader and would love to read this and the other books in the series but I just never think to order it when I have $$. Would love to finally get my hands on this book so I can see if I want to get the rest of the series. I think it is a great idea to have a series that mixes two of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing the cool wine bottle labels and the chance to win a copy of this book! Have a great day!

  3. I must be living under a rock because I have NEVER heard of this—but OMGosh, I’m completely enthralled with the idea of it and would absolutely LOVE to get my hands on Laura’s latest book!!! Not to mention, New Orleans is my “home away from home” and my most favorite city in the USA! Now this is just super exciting!!! I have a new item to put on my Christmas wish list this year and to offer up a copy and a new bottle of Irresistible is so very generous of you guys!! thanks for the chance and for the awesome post filled with this wonderful information! I’m stoked!!! 😀

  4. No, I have not read any of her novels…but they sound so interesting! I would love to read this mystery. Love that idea for blood for Halloween too! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  5. WOW – LOVE the irRESISTible “blood”!!!
    I have heard of heard of Laura Childs and sadly have to confess that even though I LOVE crafting and LOVE reading mysteries, I haven’t read any of her books.

  6. Naghma,
    Great label. I have not read these books, but will look for them now. I have, however, read mystery books with recipes in them…they were great, as were the books. I love mystery books, the harder to crack the better…I am a mysterious kind of individual.

  7. Love the idea of a scrapbooking mystery! I have not read any of Laura’s books yet but I’d love to! Mysteries have always been my favorite kinds of books! And I’d love to try out a bottle of irRESISTible! Great prize package!

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