Help us build our community!

Now that the IMAGINE Crafts blog is a year old, and 2014 is winding down, we’d like to get your feedback.

Speak! with heart

What would you like to see here? Project posts, book reviews, crafter interviews, interesting craft news, IMAGINE Crafts behind the scenes, something else entirely?  Leave a comment on the post with your idea(s).  Don’t be shy!  Feel free to let us know what you feel has worked — and what hasn’t.  We’ll choose a random commenter to win an irRESISTible Neon Spray and Pico Embellisher!  (To be eligible for the giveaway, leave a comment by Sunday, November 30.)

Thanks for your suggestions!  We look forward to incorporating your ideas into our 2015 calendar.

23 thoughts on “Help us build our community!

  1. Interviews with artist and behind the scenes would be great. How about more product information. I have seen amazing art quilts using your products. Your inks have so many more uses than just on paper.

  2. I love all of the fabulous tutorials that your designer’s share and would love to see even more. The blog hops are all so fun and I would also love to see more of those. I would like to see a monthly challenge on the blog. Maybe you could do a guest once a month who is a randomly chosen FB or blog commenter who has expressed an interest in doing it. They could do a project and maybe have a few questions that you ask them about why they love your products. These are just a few ideas that I have and if I think of more I will come back and post them.
    Over all, I am VERY happy with your blog and you are one of my daily stops!! My day wouldn’t be complete without my Imagine Crafts fix! LOL Keep up the good work!

  3. I love all of the inspiration! What I would love to see is a variety of papercrafting styles. Clean &Classic, Mixed Media, Shabby Chic etc.
    Some guest posts would be fun too!

  4. I love all your products so much maybe you could have spotlight feature weekly or monthly where a particular product is not only showcased but you explain how to use it, give different techniques and lots of inspiration. The behind the scenes sounds fun too.

  5. I like projects, cards especially. But what I love is learning ways to use your products. Sometimes I wouldn’t have purchased an item until I saw how it could be used in your blog. And some products I have (or have seen on the shelf) that I did not realize were yours until I saw them in the blog. I love learning new things!

  6. Definitely like to see projects using products in different ways. More Hops and tutorials would be awesome.
    I always love seeing the polished finished projects but it can be intimidating. Some clean, simple, step by steps or entry level type projects are very appreciated. Maybe a series of projects, simple to start then each week or biweekly adding another bit to the same project to build on the foundation. Each project would stand on its own but also could still be added and grown into something new.

    Thanks for reading and asking!~kim

  7. I love all the tutorials, but i would love to see new uses for old products. Example: punches. What are some of the other ways to use them? Or inks, or embossing folders, etc. I enjoy your site a lot.

  8. I enjoy a good blog hop with other companies. It is probably one of the few times that I will post on blogs unless I feel something is truly spectacular. I keep track of companies that have a giveaway on a regular basis. Everyone loves a freebie and an opportunity to try a new product.
    I have been a paper crafter for many years and love to try new and exciting things. Honestly. some “designers” really don’t even seem to try. Either they have to much on their plate or are burned out and it shows in their projects. If I am looking at cards, I want them to be pinworthy and over the top. Things other than paper crafts are great too. I love breakout products that can be used for other crafts. I do all kinds of crafts but I always come back to paper crafting.

  9. Your blog is full of inspiration, love the step by step tutorials.
    My suggestions would be to put a product in the spotlight for a week and have your team showcasing that product in their art. So that we can see different techniques or ways to work with
    And how about challenges?

  10. I love the tutorials and the blog hops! Short hops are fun without too many blogs to visit! I love different ideas featuring a product, lots of tips and techniques!

  11. I love getting all you ideas and suggestions. Would love to see more suggestions on using “found items”, things around the house we might not consider using or incorporating into our projects.

  12. I would like to see challenges – and let folks post their project for all to see. With or without a giveaway – just something to inspire me to be creative.

  13. I love it when you participate in blog hops, I always learn a lot from them because you get to see how someone new to your product uses and takes pictures of the process. Ellen Taylor is also good at showing one particular product and how it can be used, through pictures. She is on the Impression Obsession stamp company design team also (my fav. stamp co.)…so I have seen her use your products. Also, there are a lot of products that I just don’t know about…when you asked about what you wanted to see in a FB post a while back I said that maybe you could do features on a product, the pico embellisher for example, show what the project looks like and samples of what you can do with it. Or have a week of how your DT uses that one product in different ways… Otherwise, I like your blog and your products and think you are doing a great job. Thanks for asking.

    Katie B.

    • I forgot to say that I also love it when you add something new into the mix every now and then. You had a scrapbooking mystery book giveaway with a project that went along the book subject. And the product used was also included in the giveaway. I thought that was such a neat idea and definitely a neat break from just another card post. You also had a post with movable paper items. Love how you are inserting fresh and different posts in every now and then. Great job with that!

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