IMAGINE Crafts New Products for 2015: Mixed Media Texture and Tools!

We’re so excited about our 2015 releases that we can’t wait until January to begin the unveiling. So, without further ado, meet some of our latest innovations!


Texture, color, and shimmer for almost every surface: introducing an expansion to our Creative Medium line, Creative Medium Metallic and Creative Medium Iridescent.  Available in four Metallic and six Iridescent colors, these versatile new Creative Medium colors can be spread, dabbed, and stenciled for subtle highlights or stunning effects.  Creative Medium Metallic and Iridescent work on almost any surface including paper, acrylic, metal, wood and fabric.

In addition, our new products include tools for getting the most out of Creative Medium: Palette Knives and Doodlestix.

Let your creativity go wild!  Here are just a few ideas:

Stencil Creative Medium Metallic or Iridescent onto a surface using a Palette Knife for smooth, even coverage.

Creative Medium Metallic Silver

Creative Medium in Metallic Silver stenciled onto ribbon

After applying or stenciling Creative Medium, add details using DoodleStix.


Creative Medium in Metallic Bronze applied to Hand-Cut Monterey Pine

While Creative Medium is wet, sprinkle with beads, glitter, embossing powder or other embellishments.

Creative Medium Iridescent Pink with microbeads

Creative Medium in Iridescent Pink stenciled on cardstock and embellished with microbeads

Use Iridescent on dark-colored surfaces for bold, stunning effects, and on light-colored surfaces for subtle color and shimmer. Multiple effects from one jar!

Creative Medium in Iridescent Green stenciled on black paper

Creative Medium in Iridescent Green stenciled on black and white papers.

Use a Palette Knife to create dimensional effects.


Creative Medium Metallic in Bronze applied to Hand-Cut Monterey Pine

Creative Medium Metallic are available in four colors: Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze, which coordinate with the metallic colors in our irRESISTible line. Creative Medium Iridescent are available in 6 colors: Pink, Blue, Teal, Chartreuse, Green and Purple.

DoodleStix make great tools for Creative Medium, acrylic paint, ink and more.


DoodleStix 5-pack set

DoodleStix can be used on any surface (such as an IMAGINE Crafts Craft Mat, Gelli Plate or paper) to move ink, paint and pastes. Use to add details in Creative Medium or other thick mediums, or use for etching. The soft silicone tip is easily cleaned and resists staining. Each set contains 5 different styles: Angle chisel, Cup chisel, Cup round, Flat chisel, and Taper point.

Get smooth, even coverage of Creative Medium, acrylic paint, and other mediums with Palette Knives.  Or, use to build up or shape mediums for texture effects.


Palette Knife 3-pack set

Use the trowel for spreading and smoothing large areas, the diamond trowel for reaching small areas, and the Scotty knife for spreading, scraping and adding texture.

In the coming weeks, our talented Artists in Residence team will bring you many more ideas, techniques and projects using Creative Medium, DoodleStix and Palette Knives.

And we’re not done yet — stay tuned for further announcements of our new-for-2015 products!

Giveaway!  What kinds of projects will you make with Creative Medium Metallic, Creative Medium Iridescent, DoodleStix or Palette Knives?  Let us know in the comments for your chance to win.  Comments must be received by Wednesday, December 17 to be eligible.

44 thoughts on “IMAGINE Crafts New Products for 2015: Mixed Media Texture and Tools!

  1. Would love to try these new products on canvas and greeting cards. Love the new mediums, they look so versatile and really need the Doodlestix set!

  2. Be still my beating heart! The Creative Mediums and DoodleStix have my heart racing so fast I think I might have a heart attack! My stencils will be getting a major workout when these are available!! Will have to have all of the Creative mediums in Metallic and Iridescent also!! I might NEVER come out of my craft room when they arrive!
    I would make lots and lots of canvases, altered art (boxes mostly) and also cards, cards and more cards!!
    2015 needs to hurry up and get here!! TFS!

  3. new treasures . . . what a wonderful way to start the new year with these new products. I’m really excited about the Doodlestix and the new Creative Mediums! Dear Santa, I’ve been very very good! . . . hint!

  4. Love the look of all, but particularly curious about the doodlestixs…wondering if they’ll be good for smudging….! Good luck for the new year. Merry Christmas, peace and harmony to all x

  5. I love these colors and seeing the difference on the black verses the white. WOW! I see a beautiful canvas that is divided into sections and some black and some white with doodles or stencils. Love the doodle stix. I have been looking for something like that to use with my gelli plate.

  6. AMAZING!! I’m LOVING the New Products!! I think these are going to be SO FUN for LOTS of different things!! Cards, Mixed Media, Stamping, Stenciling!! SQUEAL!! I can’t wait to play with them!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a Fabulous Holiday Season!! =)

  7. I love that iridescent creative medium – absolutely gorgeous – who doesn’t love to add a bit of sparkle and shine to their projects. Like those doodlestick too – might encourage me to make better use of my gelliplate

  8. Wow, that creative medium in iridescent green on the white and black paper looks amazing!! I am definitely interested in this product! And the metallic too. I have a lot of stencils, both metal and plastic versions that I could use this product with. But it is great that it has other uses too. And the doodlestix look interesting too. Can’t wait to see what your DT does with these products. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    Katie B.

  9. Wow! I wish these were debuting before the new year because they’d all be on my holiday wish list! I am especially intrigued by those fabulous looking palette knives and “doodlestix”!!! I’m in desperate need of specialty brushes and tools such as this to obtain more sophisticated mixed media art work. The iridescent and metallic mediums are also fantastic sounding and look awesome!! I would be using all this stuff on my projects!! Thanks so much for the early sneak peeks!!! Very exciting!! 😀

  10. Great new products. I really would like to try the iridescent mediums. I plan on making more canvas projects next year. I would like to see more info and tutorials in the future on these. Very awesome. Thanks for the chance.

  11. I’m EXCITED!!!
    My goal is to be MORE ADVENTUROUS for 2015 and I have 3 canvases ready & waiting for me to CREATE … I’m thinking that the Creative Medium Metallic & Creative Medium Iridescent would be perfect for adding stunning texture and shine AND you have the PERFECT tools too!!!
    WOW – the iridescent pink with the micro beads is GORGEOUS – I can’t wait to try it!!!
    I also have some very talented friends who would enjoy getting a MARVELLOUS mixed media card, so I could have lots of fun experimenting for them.
    THANK YOU for the chance to win some CRAFTY AWESOMENESS 🙂

  12. Awesome samples and new products. Love the idea of metallic and iridescent mediums. And the Doodlestix are genius! Love all the possibilities with them. The palette knives are a must have for any crafty space. The first crafty project on my list would be to make a canvas. Thanks for the sneak peek.

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  14. I have a multi media project I am working on and I feel really stuck. I love what I am seeing here and thinking I could use these new items!

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