John’s Home for the Holidays

As you might already have guessed, IMAGINE Crafts’ John Petersen knows how to do Christmas decorations!  Here’s a glimpse of the festivity in his home.

John prefers handcrafted ornaments, because they have a story behind them.  Thanks to years of exchanging ornaments with his art group, most of the ornaments on his tree are now handmade.  He beaded this candy cane a few years ago.

Beaded candy cane ornament

Cyn Bicker crafted this snow globe ornament — including the snowman!

snowglobe ornament

Julie Ethier’s beaded ornament includes a personalized “J.”


John has dominion over tree decorating, while his family takes care of the outside lights. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find in the yard, including a spinning ferris wheel.


and a visitor from the Island of Misfit Toys.


More lights have been added since these photos were taken!

What kind of holiday decor would we find at your home?  Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “John’s Home for the Holidays

  1. We used to go all out but as the kids (and us) have gotten older we don’t do as much. We do not even have ANY decorations out yet this year. Due to finances we aren’t doing Christmas festivities this year and just can’t bring ourselves to put any decorations out. Dang medical costs are a mood killer!
    LOVE these decorations though and am hoping that next year is a better one and that we have the spirit because the grandkids are at the age where they are starting to realize the lack of décor.

  2. John, I love your decorations! Yours is the house we would seek out here with the kids but then I am the one making all the oohs and ahhs in the car. hehe I love seeing houses all decked out!

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