“The Art of Circles” StazOn Glaze Sun Catcher

by Roni


I love sun catchers and how they cast beautiful abstract designs where ever they are placed. When I got my hands on the StazOn Glaze I instantly knew I wanted to put my twist on a sun catcher of my very own.  What might that twist be? Instead of creating the usual framed piece of glass to hang in a window, I decided to upcycle an unused 6×6 acrylic stamping block! To spice it up I backed the block with patterned strips of Vertigo film.  Now I have a fun sun catcher that I can sit in virtually any window that casts not only a beautifully colored design but a design with some nifty patterns as well!


1. Design the desired pattern on a piece of scrap paper.  This will be used as a guide to transfer your design onto the acrylic block.


2. Position the acrylic block over the design. Use the Tuxedo Black (or other desired color) Pico Embellisher to trace the design onto the block and let dry.


3. Fill in various sections of the design with chosen color(s) of the StazOn Glaze.  Let the glaze dry until it has become clear.


4. Add strips of double stick tape around the edges of the back of the acrylic block.

5. Cut strips of Vertigo film 1.5″ x 6″.

6. Peel the backing film from the double stick tape and adhere the strips of Vertigo to the acrylic block.

The sun catcher is ready to catch the rays!


The patterns from the Vertigo film looks lovely coming through the Glaze and creates an amazing depth and dimension not normally found on sun catchers.



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