IMAGINE Crafts Week in Review

Get inspired to get creative this weekend with a few of the projects that have been featured on the IMAGINE Crafts’ website and blog this week. Since we’re getting close to Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing a recap of more fabulous projects created by our Artists In Residence. Be sure to follow the links to make your own!

Neon Hearts

by Taylor

The Radiant Neon inks make me happy –I adore the pop of color they give, especially against a black background! When I sat down to make this card, my goal was to make something lovey-dovey but still have it usable for a guy or a girl, and for any occasion that a ‘hello’ was needed. You never know when you’ll need to grab a virtual hug from your stash to send out! Create your own card here.

Golden Hearts

by Maureen

2015_January_MC_Artist_ Mainwm

I love the rustic look achieved roughly smoothing out the metallic creative medium! Once dry you find some jagged edges and variations in color that add interest to the card. Full instructions to make this card.

3 thoughts on “IMAGINE Crafts Week in Review

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  2. they’re both amazing. Taylor’s card is so fresh and love the spark of color and the ‘constellation’ of stars behind. Maureen’s card is so lovely and elegant.

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