Fireworks and Steampunk Hearts

Last minute card ideas needed for that special greeting for your Valentine? Here’s a couple of fun ideas from our Artists In Residence. The first card featured is made with Fireworks! craft spray for that added shimmer and color. And the second card gets Steamy with a fun Steampunk theme.

Fireworks! and Hearts

by Maureen


So many reds, so little time! The Memento color line features inkpads with complimentary Fireworks craft sprays that are fun to combine because they blend so wonderfully. Valentine themed cards are the perfect way to try them all out! Try out the Memento family of inks while creating your own heart filled card here.

Steamy (as in Steampunk) Valentine

by Roni


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I thought it would be fun to make a Steampunk card for my sweetie this year. The new Celestial Copper and Bronze Burst Delicata inks are perfect for making the gears stand out and shine on this card, the perfect addition to adding a bit of a masculine touch to a Valentine’s greeting. Make your own Steampunk inspired Valentine by following Roni’s instructions.

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