Versatility of StazOn Studio Glaze

There are so many different applications of StazOn Studio Glaze, it’s almost as if the possibilities are endless! Of course it can be used on paper, but why stop there? Get a little courageous and use this fabulous, dimensional product on other surfaces like plastic, metal, glass and more. To help give you more ideas, our Artists In Residence are presenting short video tutorials to get those creative juices flowing!

Coloring Gemstones with Studio Glaze

Savannah O’Gwynn shows how you can color virtually any clear glass or plastic beads using StazOn Studio Glaze.


Celebrate Life Everyday

Tina McDonald uses StazOn Studio Glaze as a background with Memento Luxe and irRESISTible Texture Sprays to create this easy to create scrapbooking layout.


Camouflage Decorative Tiles 

Making her video tutorial debut as an Artist In Residence, Carisa Zglobicki shares with you how to create this fun, military inspired coaster from a ceramic tile colored with StazOn Studio Glaze.



Like to see more creative ideas for your next project? Be sure to visit IMAGINE Crafts’ extensive online collection of project tutorials and resources including product information and surface compatibility

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