4 Ways to Use VersaMark

Look in the stash of most paper crafters and you’ll find VersaMark Ink.  It’s the industry-standard watermark ink, a favorite of crafters for its quality and versatility.  Explore VersaMark with the following project ideas, including cards, a treat box and jewelry.  (We told you it was versatile!)

“You’re Nauti-cool" Card

1. Anchor dry mediums: When wet, VersaMark ink is slightly tacky, making it ideal for use with dry mediums like IMAGINE Crafts Embossing Powders. In our “You’re Nauti-cool” Card, VersaMark captures the details of the anchor stamp to create a stunning image in White Embossing Powder.


2.  Fake multiple ink colors: Stamp VersaMark on colored papers for an image a shade darker than the paper.  You get the look of multiple colors, even though it’s just one ink pad.   In our Citrus-slices Card, 3 pairs of coordinated paper along with one pad of VersaMark look like 6 ink colors.


3.  Something to resist: stamp your surface with VersaMark, let dry, then apply inks over the surface. The VersaMark resists the color for results that really pop!  For our mini gift box, Kaleidacolor in Tahiti is applied over a stamped VersaMark background.


4.  Add some personality: With the dual-tipped VersaMarker Pen, you don’t have to rely on stamps for applying VersaMark, and even a simple design adds a personal touch. For this Monterey Pine Bracelet, use the VersaMarker Pen to make squiggly lines, then emboss them with Gold Embossing Powder.

Did we miss your favorite technique?  Be sure to share how you use VersaMark in the comments!

Want more creative ideas for your next project? Be sure to visit IMAGINE Crafts’ extensive online collection of project tutorials and resources including product information and surface compatibility

One thought on “4 Ways to Use VersaMark

  1. The bracelet idea is stunning!! I guess I had forgotten that it was a resist medium and am definitely going to be doing a pattern using it on at least a few items! You just made it new to me again! LOL

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