Delicata 4


Have you experienced Delicata ink? This rich and radiant metallic ink is fabulous for a variety of projects including paper, Handcut Monterey Pine and other wood, Vertigo and more. Delicata is a pigment ink which means you have time to work with the ink to blend and build colors, but more importantly it is recommended to allow this ink to air dry (yes, that’s what we said!) to bring out the true shimmer and metallic colors that can only be found in Delicata.

And now we have two more reasons to love Delicata – Bronze Burst and Celestial Copper! These two amazing colors join our original releases, Silvery Shimmer and Golden Glitz. These four colors are all available in the Delicata 4 inkpad. 

Learn more about the Delicata line of colors with this short introductory video.

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