To Creative Doodling … and Beyond!

by Naghma

Remember doodling in school? I was partial to circles and lines. I still am, as evidenced by this snapshot of my notebook from work.

Notebook doodleDoodling can be more than a way to occupy you in a meeting or on the phone.  It’s great as a creativity exercise and can even be incorporated into crafts.

Creative Doodling & Beyond by Stephanie Corfee In her book Creative Doodling & BeyondStephanie Corfee illustrates the pleasure and benefits of doodling: “It’s fun, it’s liberating and anyone can do it.  Best of all, there are no mistakes in doodling.” Corfee provides examples to work from and exercises to focus and motivate.  In addition, she provides instructions for craft projects using doodles, including gift bags, art pieces and home decor.

I have absolutely no drawing skills (see the example above), so I never would have planned to use drawing as an element in a craft project.  But since IMAGINE Crafts makes several products appropriate for unleashing your inner doodler, I decided to put them to work with Corfee’s assistance. I stuck to her simpler ideas and designs; hopefully the book, my results and our products will inspire you, even if you also think your doodles could never be a part of your crafting.

First, I tried doodling with Doodlestix (how perfect is that?) and a couple of our new Creative Medium Metallic and Iridescent colors.  Creative Medium is a texture paste in which you can draw your own designs; DoodleStix are silicone-tipped tools for moving and shaping mediums. Using some of Corfee’s designs as a model, I created a couple of basic doodles.

Doodle with Creative Medium in SilverI spread Creative Medium Metallic in Silver with a Palette Knife on black cardstock, then I used the taper point Doodlestix to draw.

Doodle with Creative Medium Iridescent in Green For this doodle, I used Creative Medium Iridescent in Green on textured paper.  The doodle was meant to be leaves and vines, but ended up looking a bit like an alien insect.  Either design could be expanded into a nice border, say on a card or scrapbook layout.

Next up: irRESISTible Pico Embellishers, which have a fine tip for writing, lines and other detail work.

Doodle with irRESISTible Pico EmbellisherI decided on a card project; I started out by creating a doodle based on one of Corfee’s designs, on white cardstock with irRESISTible in Rosebud and Danube Blue.  I cut a rectangle from the finished doodle with a die (Spellbinders), then used it as a layering piece.  Since it’s a busy design, I didn’t want the the doodle to overwhelm the card; plus, since I only used a portion of the doodle, I got to omit the less-than-perfect areas.

Doodle card - "Sending Smiles"To finish the card, I used Memento Ink in Paris Dusk to stamp the sentiment (Hero Arts).

Of course, markers are perfect for doodling work, so I broke out some Fabrico Markers. Fabrico are specially formulated for fabric, so you can draw designs on clothing, home decor and more. Make your designs permanent by heat setting.

Fabric doodle with Fabrico MarkersGuided by one of Corfee’s designs and my own affinity for circles, I created this simple design with Fabrico in Pea Pod and Ash Rose (pillow: Mark Richards).  It’s a super easy way to dress up plain fabric without using stencils or stamps, for a truly unique piece.

Still shot from "Friends"A final thought: as tempted as you might be while a loved one is napping, don’t be Ross.

I hope you’re inspired to do some doodling of your own!

What do you think of using doodles in your crafts?  Let us know in the comments!


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