irRESISTible Banner

Instead of buying one of those boring, standard banners from a party store, why not create your own that’s sure to WOW and amaze all your guests? It’s simple to create a layered banner that gets everyone into a festive mood for celebrating!

AIR 2015_LL_March_Artists_Choice 1_Main

Artist In Residence Linda Lucas recently created this fabulous banner for a very special baby shower. And because the new arrival is going to be a boy, instead of the “traditional” baby colors she switched things up a bit with a different color palette but still with that masculine touch. Follow Linda’s easy tutorial to create your own party banner!


Have you created your own party decorations, wedding favors, or themed decor items? We’d love to see them – share your finished projects with us on our Facebook page!


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One thought on “irRESISTible Banner

  1. This is so cool! I love Linda’s color palette for this awesome banner! I am considering making a Happy Birthday banner for my granddaughter’s 3rd Birthday in April and am going to follow Linda’s tutorial if I decide to make one! TFS!

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