Spring Is In The Air

The flowers are blooming, the sun is a little warmer and Easter is right around the corner – all signs that Spring is here! And with the flowers and trees starting to bloom, our Artists In Residence have been inspired by the growing season with these projects.

Spring Poppies Canvas

by Roni Johnson


There is a wide range of symbolism associated with poppies…everything from loyalty, beauty, magic, consolation, fertility and even eternal life. They are in my opinion one of spring’s most beautiful flowers with their ruffled, delicate petals and striking colors. While they are only around for a short period of time you can capture their beauty in this easy to paint canvas to enjoy all year long. Create your own poppy canvas.


Springtime with StazOn Studio Glaze

by Heike Linnek


My favorite season of the year is Spring, watching the world come alive. I wanted to create a freehand card that is simple to replicate that didn’t involve any stamping  or stencils, just my interpretation of the trees and flowers around me. Plant your own garden with StazOn Studio Glaze.


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