IMAGINE Crafts Introduces Crafty Paws

Don’t you hate disappointing your best friend?

IMG_1469Debi sure does. An avid crafter, Debi enjoys spending her free time creating cards, fashion accessories and more.  She also loves spending time with Brandi, her canine companion, but she didn’t know how to include Brandi in her stamping endeavors.

brandy-sadIt made Brandi sad.

pawwsIMAGINE Crafts introduces a solution for Debi, Brandi and all the other human/animal best friends out there: Crafty Paws!  With Crafty Paws, your pet will be able to enjoy your favorite pastime as much as you do.

IMG_1464Simply attach a Crafty Paw around your pet’s paw, with the adjustable velcro closure allowing for a perfect fit. Then, use a Temporary Velcro Adhesive Strip (included) to attach a wood-mounted rubber stamp to the Crafty Paw. With the Crafty Paw in place, your pet will have no trouble wielding stamp for paper crafts, fabric creations, home decor and so much more.

When your pet is finished with a stamp, the stamp can be easily removed from the Crafty Paw.  No creativity stifled here — your pet will be able to switch stamps as often as needed.

IMG_1462Add our Self-Adhesive Sparkly Rhinestones (included) to dress up your pet’s Crafty Paw. Brandi’s Crafty Paw rocks full-on bling to express her diva personality.  In this case, like owner, like pet!  Bonus: Brandi’s fashionable-looking Crafty Paw will make a great accessory for non-crafting times.

IMG_1467With the Crafty Paw, your pet doesn’t have to feel left out. She’ll be as happy to be included in your crafty endeavors as Brandi is!

brandiwithcanvasWith her newfound ability, Brandi created this canvas that illustrates her perfect day: Seattle rain turning into treats!

brandicanvasFrom the quality execution, you’d never know she just began stamping.  Crafty Paws turn every beginner into a display-worthy crafter.

With Crafty Paws, your own little critter’s masterpiece is just around the corner! Learn more about Crafty Paws and shop now on our website.

Tell us what you’ll craft with your pet(s) in the comments.

13 thoughts on “IMAGINE Crafts Introduces Crafty Paws

  1. Debi, a whole new customer base in the making! great card-making idea for pet-sitters, vets, etc. thanks for thinking outside the box!

  2. will this work with acrylic stamps? I only gave clear stamps and really want to try this with my kitties. Also, what type of ink would you recommend with our four-legged friends?

  3. LOVE this idea even if it IS an April Fool’s Day joke! My lab, Aussie, would have so much fun doing this that I just might have to give it a try! I have a roll of paper that I could put down on the floor so he can stamp to his heart’s delight! Thanks for the idea!

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