Simple Monoprinting with The Craft Mat

You see it everywhere, the hottest trend online and in all the magazines is using the Gelli Plate for creating backgrounds, textures and patterns for incorporating into almost any paper project. For those who are more along the CAS (Clean And Simple) aesthetic and mainly card makers, this entire idea of mixed media is intimidating and many consider too difficult to make. Or just the idea of having to purchase more tools just to try yet another new technique makes them reconsider approaching this form of art.

Today we’re here to hold your hand, take away your hesitation, and show you that monoprinting is easy, fun, and affordable!

You can easily incorporate your designs into any CAS card or scrapbook layout. And more importantly, you can use the supplies you already have at home – your favorite IMAGINE Crafts inkpads and inkers and your Craft Mat!


Our Artist In Residence Savannah O’Gwynn is definitely a CAS kind of girl, and she was VERY apprehensive about trying monoprining. She would be the first one to admit that this entire style of creating backgrounds scared her but she was willing to take the leap and give this a go.

And the result of her experimenting? Savannah has created this fabulous introductory video to simple monoprinting for the non mixed media artist! In this video, Savannah presents three simple projects that show, in her words, “that anyone can do this!”


Like to see more creative ideas for your next project? Be sure to visit IMAGINE Crafts’ extensive online collection of project tutorials and resources including product information and surface compatibility

One thought on “Simple Monoprinting with The Craft Mat

  1. What a great card! Never thought to use my mat as gelli plate but now that I know how to I am going to give it a try! I use my mat as a palette when I am painting and love how easily it cleans up! It also makes a marvelous background for when I am photographing projects to post! More often than not you will see it in my photos! LOVE how versatile it is!

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