I Gotta Blank Space Baby 🎶🎵🎶 Art Journaling 101

*Writer’s Note: I am not above a shameless Taylor Swift reference. I would say I’m sorry, but I’m really not.

Art journaling, you’ve probably seen it and maybe you’ve taken a stab at it yourself before. The concept of art journaling has been around for ages, it’s a great way to de-stress and shake off the day. Below are some great examples of what an art journal can look like.

alyssa burke1
(photo & art by Alisa Burke)

Your journal is for you and by you, think of it as a visual diary. You may choose to share your journey or keep it as your space to put your thoughts, your feelings, your wonderings, and your hopes. Whatever you want!

art journal examples
(photo by Teachable Moments, Art by a 10 year old!)   (photo & art by Blazer Designs)

At the end of the day art journaling is a form of self-expression and that’s what’s important to keep in mind when starting one- YOU! There’s no set way a journal is supposed to look, just let loose and get down with your crafty self! Whether it’s your first try or you’ve made plenty of art journals before, here are some great Imagine Crafts suggestions to add to your art journal supply list:

  • StazOn – this is a great mixed media ink that’s ideal for various surfaces. Coming in a range of colors this really can be great once you’ve created multiple layers of paints, dyes, etc.
  • Creative Medium (Clear, Iridescent & Metallic) – this should a staple in your art journal arsenal. It’s great for adding color and designs but also as an adhesive for papers or any other sort of embellishments you’d like to add in.
  • Memento Luxe – this is an ink that can work on so many different surfaces it’s kind of crazy. It also becomes permanent once you heat set it so you never have to worry about your work rubbing away over time.
  • Fireworks – this is a fun product to get a spray/slatter effect without the mess. Plus, with an added metallic sparkle it shows up great on both light and darker papers. It’s great if you want to make something really pop off the page.
  • Irresistible Texture Spray and Pico Embellisher the embellisher is great for writing, doodling and other embellishing, and doesn’t clog! Both the embellisher and spray give a very unique texture and appearance to your work.
  • Memento Markers – these are just great go-to writing and doodling tools. They are simple but effective and fade-resistant which is great for keeping your work looking fresh.

Share your Art Journal tips, tricks and creations with the Imagine Crafts community on our Facebook page or comment below!

Imagine Crafts Classes! 🎨

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One thought on “I Gotta Blank Space Baby 🎶🎵🎶 Art Journaling 101

  1. I don’t have an art journal started yet but have one ready to go. I made it a short time ago and just haven’t been up to creating for a week or so because I have been sick. Hoping I feel better soon so I can get back to my addiction, oops, meant to say passion! LOL These are all awesome materials to create with! TFS!

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