3 Tools, 3 Ways: “Happy Birthday” Made Easy

Created by: Isha Gupta


When I needed to make a birthday card for my daughter this cute image was a great starting point for inspiration. I really enjoyed the various ways to add depth, dimension and texture to my projects. Of course tools like the Imagine Crafts Palette Knives, Sponge Dauber and Doodlestix made it much easier for me! 😄 Achieve this super cute birthday card using our versatile and easy-to-use Imagine Crafts tools here! 


What’s your favorite Imagine Crafts tool? Share your tips and tricks with the Imagine Crafts Community on Facebook or comment below!

Like to see more creative ideas for your next project? Be sure to visit Imagine Crafts’ extensive online collection of project tutorials and resources including product information and surface compatibility.

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