Celebrate National Pet Month in Style! 🐾

May is National Pet Month and who better to enjoy the fruits of your creative labors than your favorite furry friends? In preparation for sunnier days and to celebrate National Pet Month, I made my very own pair of bandanas for my dogs Coco & JuJu. They will be sure to turn tails at the dog park when summer arrives.

Coco’s full name is Coco Chanel (I had no say in that selection), but she also wears a spiked collar from time to time. I wanted to give her something a little chic, but also with a little edge. So black and gold it was! Juju on the other hand is part beagle and thus is in a perpetual state of hunger, even if she’s just eaten and nibbled on someone else’s meal. She also tends to sit like a Meerkat, but that’s a story for another day. Because Juju’s only there for the food (aren’t we all), I gave her a nice red and white look that has a picnic feel to it and contrasted nicely with her fur.


Only a few products were needed to make each of these looks: Memento Luxe and All-Purpose Ink! As you can see I am no Rembrandt, but this was a fun and easy project that took no time at all. An important thing to remember is to heat set the inks after you are done. This will make sure your bandanas are washable. To properly heat set your inks you must use a pressing cloth and an iron. The use of a pressing cloth not only protects the inks, but your iron as well. Trust me, this is a pretty important step if you want to ensure your inks stick to your fabric as best as they can. Place the pressing cloth between the iron and your fabric and set the iron to as hot as the fabric will allow. Gently iron (no steam!) over your fabric for about two minutes and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours prior to washing. Once you’ve let your fabric sit it is perfectly safe to wash and enjoy with your pets all through summer. Coco and Juju immediately started playing and running around when I put their bandanas on, so needless to say that crafty bandanas will equal tons of fun for you and your pets.

JuJu’s “Picnic” Bandana

JuJu Bandana Collage
I told you she sat like a meerkat…

Imagine Crafts feat TSUKINEKO products used:
Memento Luxe: Wedding Dress, Gray Flannel, Danube Blue
Sponge Daubers
Craft Mat

Coco’s “Chanel” Bandana:

Coco Bandana Collage

Imagine Crafts feat TSUKINEKO products used:
All-Purpose Ink: Vegas Gold, Metallic Frost White
Memento Luxe: Lilac Posies
Sponge Daubers
Craft Mat

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Like to see more creative ideas for your next project? Be sure to visit Imagine Crafts’ extensive online collection of project tutorials and resources including product information and surface compatibility.


One thought on “Celebrate National Pet Month in Style! 🐾

  1. Coco and JuJu are adorable!! LOVE the gold and black bandana! If I didn’t think my dog would strangle himself with it I would make him one. Knowing Aussie, he would be running and get his foot caught up in it or something equally weird. He is a gangly boy and has trouble walking on a flat place so we don’t add anything extra in it for him to hurt himself with. LOL We love him and his goofiness to pieces though!

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