Birthday’s, Thank You’s, and Well Wishes 😱 Oh My!

Imagine Crafts is all about crafts and we practice what we preach! Our very own Katie Moran is here to show you how to keep your various cards and sentiments organized year round with an upcycled Card Keeper Box!

finalCreated & Written by Katie Moran

I remember as child waiting with anticipation for the mailman to deliver the mail. On a good day, there would be a card from my older cousin. Now, and again, she would send me a special message to let me know of her life in California. I have a vivid memory of confetti spilling out of one of the envelopes, and staring in awe of the shiny red hearts that covered my hand. It was like receiving a party in the mail, and it made me feel like she was thinking of me from far away. I’ve kept those cards all these years, and look back fondly on the memory of receiving them.

As an adult, I’m no longer excited to look inside the mailbox, as it normally contains junk mail to sort, and bills to pay. That’s enough reason to make a girl avoid checking it all together! The only time I get to experience the same joy as I did when I was a child is during the Holidays. In an effort to make my mailbox more exciting I’ve created a card keeper box.

Untitled     1

I really do hope to send more cards this year so this card keeper is perfect for my effort to stay organized.  Having cards in one place and being to add to my collection throughout the year is incredibly useful. Below are steps to create your very own card keeper.


To start, I measured, and cut the bottom of it to my desired size. For my card keeper box, I decided to upcycle an empty soda can carton. You can use any type of box (when in doubt visit your local dollar store or recycling bin). Make it your own, and have fun with it!


Next step is where the fun begins. I applied some of my favorite scrap paper using Creative Medium in Iridescent Purple and a palette knife. Creative Medium is such a multi-use kind of product, not only is it beautiful on dark and light papers, it also functions as a great adhesive!

 6     7         2227

 8  4     964

Using the Creative Medium once more, you can decoupage different scrapbooking items like embellishments and other decorative papers you have. I applied various pieces of ripped paper like magazine and newspaper clippings. For the front space added a nice detailed stamp where I could later add a label.

 3  2

Last, but not least, I created dividers out of upcycling manila folders that were past their prime. The dividing tabs were created with my favorite patterned scrap paper. Once cut to my desired shape (you can die cut your tabs or “free cut” them by hand), I stamped each tab with a sentiment corresponding to the card type I want to file behind it. After you adhere your tabs to your upcycled manila dividers, you are all done and ready to organize your cards!

Show us how you organize your cards on Facebook or comment below!

2 thoughts on “Birthday’s, Thank You’s, and Well Wishes 😱 Oh My!

  1. I have a large Iris Cardkeeper box that I keep all my cars in ready to go when needed. I also have a birthday/anniversary organizer that I have a list of all the birthdays and anniversaries for the year in. It is my bible for making sure everyone receives a card on their special day. All of the card senders have now passed on and I know how important it is to me to receive happy mail so I did not want to let special days go unnoticed just because the have left us. I take the responsibility seriously and love doing it!

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