Wedding Inspiration for Your Special Day

Wedding season has arrived folks – couple’s everywhere will soon be walking down the aisle to profess their love or one another and skip off gloriously in to the sunset. We’ve made life a little bit easier for you with a weeks worth of wedding inspiration! Whether you are the one walking down the isle, your best friend, daughter or granddaughter; incorporating handmade items adds a perfect sentimental touch to the whole day.



Vintage Bridal Hair Clip by Heike Linnek

I can’t sew but that doesn’t matter, there are tons of possibilities to create individual fabric projects without using a sewing machine. Go along with me and let’s discover them. More and more couples decides to celebrate a vintage themed wedding. Vintage weddings are kind of romantic and elegant with a touch of past times. It can be defined very individually but the romantic touch is always presented. This really romantic sparkling flower clip can be used in several ways: the bride’s hair, the groom’s buttonhole or, in a bigger dimension, as wedding bouquet, or for any decoration. Click on the link above to find out all the necessary products to create your own vintage hair clip.

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