Save It For the Honeymoon 🌴👰💸 Wedding Inspiration for the Budget Conscious Bride

2015_May_RJ_WeddingSTDMagnetnInvite Two Become One – Puzzle Wedding Invitation
 by Roni Johnson

Wedding season is fast approaching and Brides-to-Be are all over the internet looking for swoon worthy ideas on Pinterest, the Imagine Crafts blog (see what we did there?), Google and more. But those beautiful floral arrangements and must-have invites can take a huge bite out of your budget! Weddings are expensive, it depends on where you live but it can range anywhere from $15,000 to $31,000 (here’s a realistic break down if your curious). If you would rather save your money for the honeymoon than break the bank on over-the-top invitations we have some great DIY creative and budget friendly alternatives for all aspects of your special day.

2015_May_RJ_WeddingSaveTheDateMagnet_MainWM                 2015_May_RJ_Wedding_FavorBox_MainWM
Two Become One – Save The Date                         Two Become One – Favor Box

2015_May_RJ_WeddingPlaceCard_MainWM    2015_May_RJ_Wedding_CandleSticks_Main2WM
Two Become One – Place Cards                              Two Become One – Candle Sticks

For more fabulous DIY wedding decor inspiration check out the video below!

Tina McDonald shows you how easy it is to make beautiful wedding decor using Versamark and Embossing Powder. Who says you have to spend a fortune to have your special day look like like a million bucks? Find the necessary products and other wedding decor ideas on the Imagine Crafts “MAKE” page!

One thought on “Save It For the Honeymoon 🌴👰💸 Wedding Inspiration for the Budget Conscious Bride

  1. Fabuliscious!!! 25 years ago our wedding cost less than $500 for over 100 guests. That included my wedding dress and food. Hard to believe how much people pay for a wedding these days! DIY is so much nicer than generic wedding planner events! To me my special day was not an event but a day to share with family and friends.

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