As many of you know, Jurassic World came out this past weekend and can I just say – IT WAS AWESOME!!! Those who know me are privy to my love of dinosaurs. It’s kind of my thing (see below for evidence). So this week every link you see is going to be #Dinomite. Dinosaurs are for more than just the kids, paleontology is a serious career and dinosaur costumes are conversation starters that are tons of fun. Believe me. While others were freezing onĀ a typical October evening in Chicago in barely-there costumes, I was happy as an ammonite. I regret nothing. So I hopeĀ you enjoy this week’s links as much as I enjoyed knitting in my dinosaur costume. Rawr on crafters, rawr on!

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.57.44 PM


Get down with your Cretaceous self and try this super cute dinosaur serving tray

Decorating a graduation cap? #6 is the natural selection

These primeval inspired terrariums will have your friends chomping at the bit for their own

Gorgosaurus had good oral hygene, so should you.

Make your ownĀ Knitasaurus Rex hoodieĀ here!


Share your #DINOMITE projects and inspiration with us on Facebook or comment below!

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