I’m Meeeelting

As summer continues it’s only going to get hotter. I’m freaking out. I am not well acclimated to heat, I have my thick curly hair to thank for that. Every summer I’m torn between how beautiful it is and my natural inclination to avoid sweating at pretty much any cost –  there’s only so much I can do to cool down before it gets awkward for all of us 😱

giphy             giphy-1

So how do I stay cool in an apartment without air conditioning? One word – P O P S I C L E S!
Frozen tasty treats are my life-force in the summer months, if I can freeze it I will likely try to make it in to a popsicle.

  • Veggies – check
  • Yogurt – check
  • Giant chunks of fruit – you bet
  • Anything in juice form – YAS!

That’s why when I discovered an awesome Mixed Berry Summersicle  recipe from Thug Kitchen, I did a happy dance. I’m a big fan of Thug Kitchen, they have blunt and hilarious approach to cooking that provides me with delicious results. Yes, their recipes are vegan and vegetarian friendly, but as I am the kind of girl who’s favorite food group includes steak tacos it’s really easy for me to adapt the recipes to my meat loving ways. Below are some picture’s of what your own mixed berry summersicles may look like. I would show you what mine looked like, but I’ve already eaten them all – sorry y’all.


pop-all        Fruit_popsicles        bourbon-peaches-and-cream-popsicles_bakers-royale

mixed-berry-popsicles-2 Raspberry-Peach-Poptails-8130-copy

Any sort of fruit can be used with this recipe, making it super versatile and über delicious. Heck, you can make them for adults-only! As you can see from the photos, a special popsicle tray isn’t necessary to make your frozen treats. I used a cupcake sheet and chopsticks I cut in half. *Now here’s a quick head’s up: Thug Kitchen is blunt, this means they’re a little colorful with their language. So if cursing + cooking isn’t your thing, it can be off putting. However, I loved this recipe so much the language wasn’t bothersome to me and provided a few laughs along the way.


How do you stay cool in the summer? Share your summer recipes and other ideas with us on Facebook or comment below!

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