Crafting Hacks to Save Your Day

I will fully admit I have champagne taste but a beer budget. So I typically try to get the most use out of everything I own, this includes crafting supplies. Whether it’s using old candles to hold my pens or finding ways blend my inks while keeping cost in mind, I like to know that I’m not wasting my supplies. That’s why when I discovered 7 useful crafting hacks on the Craftsy blog, I had to share them with you!

KLB_031015_13My favorite tip from all of this was how to create my own powder tool to remove the static from my projects before heat embossing. Using a dryer sheet is ridiculously easy and I can’t wait to try it out. As for creating my own embellishments? Well I’m privy to using our irRESISTible pico embellisher and craft mat – I’ve created some really cool looking embellishments and even an “evil eye” to replace my old one. Take a look below!

FullSizeRender As you can see I went a little wild with it all. I made the giant blob of beauty by simply layering multiple colors while everything was still wet and using my breath to blow the ink in different directions. I’m very happy with the results! The mixed embellishments were just as east to make. Simply hold the tips of two colors together and very lightly squeeze the bottle. These take a while to dry so if something isn’t blending the way you’d like you can add a little more as it goes. For the evil eye I took two separate embellishments, let dry and then pressed them together with my fingers to make them stick and to flatten them out more, eventually adding the last black dot on top of it all.


I hope you enjoyed these useful crafting hacks as much as I had making them! See you next week!  signature

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