On the Road Again!

Create Your Own Summer Travel Journal by Renee Zarate

Summer usually signals a break in our normal routines, be it a long vacation stay or perhaps just a few interesting day trips here and there. Either way it is an opportunity for us to make some memories and preserve them in a handmade travel journal… read more

 2015_june_mc_travel_finalwm1 Postcards from the Road by Maureen Cronin

Remember the days when we drove around with Thomas Guides in our cars? Big books of maps that not only helped you navigate the area but you had to learn how to navigate the book! Today the maps are likely outdated but quite useful for all sorts of projects…read more

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2 thoughts on “On the Road Again!

  1. Renee and Maureen, I always LOVE your projects, and these are no exception. The journal is downright clever and adorable; the postcards are perfect to illustrate where you’ve been or show where you’re headed!

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