A Transformation You Wont Believe!


DIY StazOn Transformation by Penny Ward

Doing a little makeover in the family room and after losing my DVD storage, I decided to use crates. Using StazOn inks and disposable sponge daubers gave me just the pop of color I needed with all the wood furnishings.

More StazOn Inspiration!

2015_june_jn_challenge_main vertigo-necklace

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2 thoughts on “A Transformation You Wont Believe!

    • Hi Penny,
      Vertigo is a sturdy, transluscent material that reflects and refracts light, creating dazzling visual effects. It’s easily cut with scissors or paper trimmers, or transform the edges using decorative scissors. You do not need to back or heat it to get the visual effects. We have a series of different effects to choose from. You can learn more about Vertigo HERE.

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