Did you get all of your holiday shopping completed? Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there were deals to be found to cover every wish list. Today is another holiday marker to note on your annual calendar. It’s Giving Tuesday.

Started in 2012, Giving Tuesday is a relatively new holiday but the intent is well rooted in the traditional meanings of this time of year. It was created as a backlash against the over commercialization of the holidays. Tired of seeing Christmas decorations next to Halloween candy? This is the holiday for you!

PicMonkey Collage

I’m sure you’ll find cash donations are very welcome by your favorite charities today, but why not take a moment to give a little piece of yourself? Remember how much you enjoyed crafts as a child? Is there foster child who could use a little of the rekindled joy? Do you live near an assisted living facility? Perhaps you will find a lonely resident there who just wants the gift of someone to sit with them and hear parts of their history. A simple cup of hot coffee can do wonders for the spirit of someone facing this Winter cold without the shelter or resources we tend to take for granted.

Find a place of your calendar to make Giving Tuesday an annual event everyone in your household looks forward to each year. It may feel like a small personal gesture on your part, but the ripples can be huge.


8d198c11ef3455d0684ccca9a4bf6f7c     giving_smiles_by_erinbird-d6qaaqc

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