Super Bowl 50!



The Superbowl is this Sunday. Since our team will not be making an appearance this year, the day will be less about the teams on the field and more about the social aspect. Like many, I always look forward to the commercials, what wacky new trend or editing will be used to get my attention this year? What will become the next catchphrase that will appear in every conversation for the next six months?

Food also plays a large role in the day’s events. Where’s my recipe for the “perfect” dip? Are the hot wings too spicy or just right? More napkins, please! In the past, we have tried to connect the food table to team colors. Some teams, like the Bengals would be easy… orange pepper and meat shish kabobs. The Seahawks presented more of a challenge, but could be accomplished with a green salad and blueberries. This year has me stumped. Denver is orange and blue, Carolina is teal and black. Perhaps I’ll just volunteer for providing napkins and plates.

What are your Superbowl party traditions?


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