Perfect Tee’s for Your Little Ones

Today we’ve got a double whammy for you! Two adorable projects perfect for your child, niece or someone expecting a little one shortly.


Blooming Youth
by Terre Fry

I love teaching my 7 year old daughter, Leahandra, that receiving handmade items are more precious than spending a lot of money on designer items. I hope these lessons stick with her as she blossoms into a beautiful young lady.


Growth Potential Onsie
by Jennifer Vanderbeek

Not only do I love to give handmade gifts whenever possible, I really like helping others to give handmade as well! A custom baby onesie is both practical and creative and in the past I’ve set up a station for a baby shower stocked with pre-washed onesies, fabric markers, stencils, and other embellishments and let the guests have at it. The dual tips of the Fabrico Markers are pretty much made for this sort of project and allow you to get different effects on your fabric from the same pen with some simple techniques.


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