Sunny Days of Spring!

Are you sensing a theme here?

Feb TF Leap Year

Birds and Blossom Gift Box
by Terre Fry

When I think of Spring, I think of new blossoms and their sweet smell and the air filled with chirping birds singing the praises of yet another Spring. If you close your eyes you can almost visualize it, it truly is one of my favorite times of the year.

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One More Day – Double Embossing Technique
by Martha Lucia Gomez

One extra day to create and craft is an opportunity that we only have every 4 years, so I decided to “duplicate my technique” in this project using the double embossing with this colorful card that I made to celebrate February 29th.

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 Hop Into Spring!
by Alison Heikkila

It’s cold and snowy on Long Island as I write this. I look forward to the warm sun, sweet smelling flowers, and songbirds chirping everywhere. I made a card with some movement to share Imagine Crafts’ “Hop into Spring” theme.

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