Bits and Pieces of Life

neva Imagine Crafts

Amplify! and Vertigo Refrigerator Magnets

by Neva Cole

Life is often a puzzle piece of love here and a memory there.  So, for my project, I decided to repurpose a children’s puzzle and make refrigerator magnets to hold the bits and pieces of life to the ever changing canvas of our refrigerator door.  I took Radiant Neon Amplify! to create a wonderful texture on the puzzle pieces which I then topped with sentiments stamped on Vertigo.

how to Neva Cole

First, I chose a puzzle that had pieces that are about 2.5” x 3”. You can find them in thrift stores or simply use one that is no longer in use by your child!  You will need to sand the surface of the puzzle so the Amplify! will adhere more easily.

Mixed Media Imagine Crafts

I then added splotches of Radiant Neon Electric Green and Electric Blue Amplify! on the selected pieces. For this technique use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, otherwise, the color will become muddy.  Make sure that the width of the puzzle pieces are not wider than the Lucite roller of the brayer, so one pass will spread the Amplify!

Gently spread the Amplify! across the puzzle.  Run the brayer on a sheet of paper to use for another project.  Clean brayer immediately.  Pick up the excess Amplify! that have moved off the puzzle pieces with a palette knife and cover the thin spots.  Clean the palette knife immediately.

Heat puzzle pieces until the Amplify! is cured. It will create a wonderful marbled and textured surface.  Cure the scrap paper and use for a future project, no need to waste that beautiful texture or product!

Stazon Tsukineko

Stamp Technique Tuesday’s “Home is Home” sentiments on Vertigo with StazOn Azure.  Fussy cut around the sentiments.

stamp on technique

Apply Xyron X permanent adhesive to the back of the Vertigo, run a stylus around the edges of the Vertigo to pick up excess adhesive before removing the cover strip. Adhere to white card stock.  Fussy cut around the sentiments.

Imagine Crafts

Adhere sentiments to the front of the puzzle pieces with hot glue and ceramic magnets to the back with hot glue.

Hang up your favorite photos on the refrigerator with your lovely new magnets! My finished magnets will go to work with me and hold up photos of my family on a 12” x 12” magnetic memo board as shown below.

Easy to make kids crafts

Imagine Crafts Supplies

Other Supplies

  • Repurposed children’s puzzle
  • Xyron X permanent adhesive
  • Misc: Lucite brayer, palette knife, heat gun, white card stock, ceramic magnets, hot glue gun and glue.


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