Channeling the Emerald Isle

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Channeling the Emerald Isle

by Alison Heikkila

It is the time of year where Spring is so close, yet still so far. It’s the end of February, and I can feel the earth beginning to rouse, yet it wants to push the snooze button one or two more times. I decided to make a card that has a masculine feel, with a nod towards Ireland and it’s beautiful green landscapes, as I sit in the cold and slightly dreary land of New York in Winter.


1. Tape the Celtic Cross Stencil to the black cardstock.  I like to reuse my tape so that it’s not too sticky, and doesn’t tear my paper when I release it.


2.  Using a palette knife, apply some large globs of Bronze Creative Medium at the top of the stencil. Then, drag the palette knife down the stencil in one smooth motion, keeping the palette knife at a 45 degree angle. You can then touch up any small missed areas carefully, and lift the tape and the stencil off.  Scrape off any leftover Creative Medium and return it to the container for later use. Let dry, then trim and round the corners. Then ink the edges with Bronze Burst Delicata ink.


3.  Next, choose your card and mat colors. I went with black for my card base and a rich green for the mat. I cut the card base to 10” x 6 ½” and the mat to 5 ¾” x 4 ½”.

4.  Stamp the “Metal” image from the Industrial stamp set with Golden Glitz Delicata ink. To dull it down a bit, stamp the “Rust” stamp with Rich Cocoa Memento ink, and then spritz the mat vigorously with Desert Sand irRESISTables Texture Spray, let dry.

5.  Add Tear It Tape to the top and bottom of the card base. Sprinkle Aged Black from the Glamour Embossing Kit to the tape and heat set. I love the Tear It Tape because it is safe for embossing. It works so perfectly!

6.  Using Zip Dry glue, attach the mat and Celtic Cross to the card base and let dry. Your card is complete!

Memento Ink

Craft Level: Beginner
Time to Complete: Under 30 minutes, plus drying time.

Supplies Needed:

Imagine Crafts Featuring Tsukineko:


  • Stampendous: Celtic Cross Stencil, Andy Skinner Industrial Stamp Set, Glamour Embossing Powder Kit (Aged Black)
  • Palette Knife
  • Prism: Cardstock
  • Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry Glue

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