Make Do It Yourself Vintage Lighting with Paper

Vintage Vibe Lampshade

by Terre Fry


The soft, ambient glow of a decorative lampshade casts a creative vibe throughout my living room. The rich colors of purple and chartreuse take on a captivating look that adds a splash of color on my white walls.

Skill Level: Advanced
Project Time: 60 minutes



Step 1

Use Creative Medium to adhere the decorative tissue paper to the lamp shade.


Step 2

Use a floral stencil and apply Chartreuse Iridescent Creative Medium and Purple Iridescent Creative Medium to the lamp shade. Set aside to dry.


Step 3

Apply Green Apple and Thistle All-Purpose Ink using an InkBlusher to the entire lamp shade. Blend the ink with the Ink Blusher to achieve the color you want.


Step 4

Spray just the textured florals with Sweet Plum irRESISTible, blend with InkBlusher or gloved fingers.

Step 5

Using hot glue, adhere black trim to the top and bottom of the lamp shade.

  • Lampshade
  • Hot glue
  • Black crochet trim
  • Decorative tissue paper




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