Brushed Embroidery Technique

Pink Poppy Card and More

by Roni Johnson


One thing I love about paper crafting is that you can incorporate techniques from many different arts. Today’s technique – Brushed Embroidery – is a variation of the cake decorating technique. Paired with StazOn Studio Glaze or irRESISTible Pico Embellishers you can create an amazing array of looks to suit any need.



Step 1

Stamp desired image using black or light color ink depending on the color of the Studio Glaze you will be using.


Step 2

Shake the StazOn Studio Glaze vigorously prior to using. Working in small areas, outline the stamp with a somewhat generous amount of the Studio Glaze.


Step 3

With a small tip paint brush, use long brush strokes to pull the glaze towards the center of the image.


Step 4

Continue to apply glaze and pull it with the paint brush until the image has been completed.


Step 5

If more than one color of Studio Glaze is going to be used, add second color and repeat the pulling method. TIP: allow each color to dry before adding the next.


Step 6

Continue adding additional colors until the image has been completed. TIP: Try to vary the length of the brush strokes to produce a wide variety of looks as shown below.


irRESISTible Pico Embellishers can also be used with this technique but due to the nature of the medium the individual brush strokes may feather out as the Embellisher dries (see the apple card for this effect).

  • Georgia Pacific – white Cardstock
  • – cardstock, ribbon
  • JFF Rubber Stamps – lily, apple stamps
  • Unity Stamp Co. – poppy stamp

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