Can You Believe these A-Maze-ing Delicata Inks

Delicata Inks- 4 Ways

by Alison Heikkila


My absolute favorite metallic inks of all time are Delicata Inks. By far. They have the most shimmer and shine of any other metallic that I have ever used, and they look even better in person. With three new Delicata colors (SO exciting!!!), I wanted to share a few ways to use these fantastic inks with you.

Skill: Intermediate

Time: 1 hour + dry time




Step 1

The first step is to create some monoprints for the background. I worked with Golden Glitz and Silver Shimmer inkers, and applied them to my Creative Palette from Stampendous. I squirted the inkers in a random pattern all over the Palette. With a brayer, I rolled the ink all over the Palette. I went for pretty solid and even coverage, but also tried not to mix the colors too much. I made several impressions on my paper with the palette. You can see that I added some Radiant Neon electric Pink to the mix, just to give it a little color. The 2 prints on the top also have the square image stamp added to the monoprint. I let these dry, which only takes a few minutes.


Step 2

I chose the first monoprint that I made on the sheet and I used my Spellbinders Seth Apter Maze em-bossing fold’er. I left the embossed piece in the folder as I inked the raised portions with Delicata in Dark Brown Shimmer. I left it in the folder so that I didn’t crush the raised areas as I pushed the ink on to the paper. I love how shiny this is!

Step 3


Step 4

Using one of my other monoprints and my Seth Apter Ring Around etched dies, I cut out my embellishments for the card. I also used a Andy Skinner Stamp on the small circle, inked with Dark Brown Shimmer.


Step 5

Next, it was time to break out some Vertigo! I trimmed it down to fit on my card base…but I realized that a lot of the Vertigo would be hidden under my embossed layer. That would be a waste of the precious film! You can see my faint pencil lines on the Vertigo. Below it is my embossed background sheet. The inner rectangle will be trimmed away for another project. The lines are about a ½” inch inside the edge of the background. I cut the inner piece out using my paper trimmer. That’s a lot of Vertigo saved!


Step 6

Using Radiant Neon Electric Pink directly from the ink pad, I added some to the edges of my card base. I rubbed some Golden Glitz Delicata on top once the Radiant Neon dried. Then, using the Dark Brown Shimmer Delicata, I inked the back (less shiny) side of my Vertigo. I applied it unevenly for a more distressed look.


Step 7

I attached a few eyelets to the die cuts and the embossed background, then I used Zip Dry glue to attach everything to the card base. I finished it off with a small piece of twine.

Check out that shimmer and shine! Doesn’t the embossed piece look like metal? And the Vertigo adds another dimension that I love. So how many ways can you use Delicata inks? I hope you try at least a few of the ways I’ve used them here.


  • Delicata Inks: – Dark Brown Shimmer, Golden Glitz (pad & reinker), Silver Shimmer (reinker)
  • Radiant Neon – Electric Pink (reinker & pad)
  • Vertigo – Breeze
  • Spellbinders – Seth Apter Maze Em-bossing Fold’er, Ring Around Etched Dies
  • Stampendous – Creative Palette: Rectangles, Andy Skinner Shabby Chic Set
  • Beacon Adhesive – Zip Dry
  • Brayer
  • Eyelets
  • Twine
  • White cardstock

Tomorrow you’ll find more inspiration as Jennifer Vanderbeek takes the Delicata inks and the Spellbinders Seth Apter Maze Em-bossing Fold’er in a whole different direction!


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