No Restraints with this Handmade Card

Come FLY With Me

by Terre Fry


When you think of the words “Come Fly With Me” you think of Sinatra. But when you think of the word FLY, you think freedom, no restraints, skies the limit, and/or soaring above. I feel the same is true when you dabble in mixing different types of media. Mixed Media gives you the freedom to FLY and try new things!

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 30 minutes



Step 1

Use a tooth brush and Tropical Lagoon All-Purpose ink to splatter drops on the card front. Repeat this process with the Metallic Black Pearl All-Purpose Ink. (Splattering ink should definitely start to give you that feeling of freedom!)


Step 2

Die cut several copies of thick chipboard.


Step 3

Glue all the similar pieces together to create dimension. You can see the thickness by the shadow it creates.


Step 4

Use an InkBlusher to apply the All-Purpose Ink to the outer chipboard die cuts.


Step 5

Dab the Emboss Pad randomly over the inked piece (not covering it entirely), then apply Black Embossing Powder, heat to set.


Step 6

Assemble the pieces where you are going to want to place them on your card. I decided to color a piece of scrap cardstock with the All-Purpose Ink and place it behind the FLY piece.


Step 7

Adhere everything together. Add your finishing touches—I opted to draw stitch lines around my FLY piece with a irRESISTible Pico Embellisher in White Wedding and drew around the open letters with a black pen.


  • Spellbinders – Seth Apter Take Flight etched dies, Grand Calibur Machine
  • Cardstock – white
  • Chipboard
  • Toothbrush
  • Black pen

Isn’t FLY the perfect sentiment for a graduate? Tomorrow we’ll see the same die cuts with a whole different look from Martha Lucia Gomez.




2 thoughts on “No Restraints with this Handmade Card

  1. I love the free spirit feeling that this project gives!! I love the multiple layers you did! Awesome job my friend!!

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