Make Your Own Vegan Leather Paper!

Metallic Leather Faux Finished Paper

by Jennifer Vanderbeek


It’s pretty amazing what you can make with a little bit of paper and glue (or, in this case, gel medium). Take, for instance, this leather-looking paper that grabs onto the shimmer from Delicata ink, looking for all the world like high-fashion burnished hides. I used some to make a trio of gift card wallets, but the possibilities are endless!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 20 minutes + drying time (per sheet)



Step 1

On a sheet of bristol paper glue down torn pieces of tissue paper (I’m fond of sewing pattern tissue, but any tinted tissue to support the hue of the ink is a good choice) with matte gel medium and a 1-inch brush. Overlap the tissue pieces and allow—nay, encourage!—tiny ripples and other texturing effects to happen. Allow it to dry completely.


Step 2

Apply a wash of paint over the tissue layer as an undercoat to the shimmer (optional). Rub on Delicata Ink with a Smudgee to cover the entire surface, buffing the shimmery ink to produce a fully-blended, even coating of color.


Step 3

Once dry, the paper can be used for making cards or envelopes. It can be die cut, embossed, written on, collaged with, etc. and does not require sealing. Try different undercoats and colors of Delicata to get different leather looks!


A few of the gift card ‘wallets’ I created with my faux leather sheets.


  • Strathmore – Bristol paper
  • 1-inch flat brush
  • Liquitex – matte gel medium
  • Tissue paper (tinted)
  • Paint (optional)

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