Catch the Sun this 4th of July

4th of July Wind Chime Sun Catcher

by Roni Johnson


Time to get patriotic inside and out, and I’ve got just the project to make that happen! StazOn inks on Vertigo Film to catch the sun plus a few bells to jingle in the breeze is just the ticket this 4th to help celebrate in style! Indoor or out, you can leave it up all year to show your patriotism.

Skill: Intermediate
Time: 1 hour + dry time



Step 1

Use Seth Apter Robo Star Die to cut several sizes of stars from Vertigo Film (use the style or styles of film of your choice–Taffeta, Prism and Pebbles were used for this project).


Step 2

Divide the die-cut stars into three groups. Set one group aside. Color one third of the stars with St Valentine StazOn ink and the remaining third with Blue Hawaii.


Step 3

Tape down strands of monofilament fishing line or thread down on your craft mat. The length depends on how long you want each strand of garland to be. Leave extra line to tie it to your hanger and to tie a bell on the ends of each line. Position the stars under the thread as desired and adhere with your favorite liquid glue.


Step 4

While the star garlands are drying, prepare the wooden hanger. I am using a vintage wood hanger for the example. Lightly sand the surface of the hanger on all sides. Paint the hanger with a single coat of Legacy (blue) Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish paint.


Step 5

When the blue paint has dried, apply a coat of Everlasting (white) Chalky Finish paint. Let dry.

2016_jul_RJ_4thofJuly_step 6

Step 6

Lightly sand the hanger to wear away a bit of the white paint revealing the blue underneath.


Step 7

Ink the stars portion of an American flag rubber stamp with Blue Hawaii StazOn Ink. Stamp the stars repeatedly along the left side of the hanger. When dry, flip over and repeat on the other side.


Step 8

Next ink the stripes of the flag stamp with St Valentine StazOn and stamp on the remaining portion of the hanger. Flip and repeat.


Step 9

Finish off the hanger by using a sponge dauber to apply Spiced Chai StazOn to all of the edges of the hanger to complete the distressed look.


Step 10

Determine where you want to hang your pieces of garland on your suncatcher/windchime; use a pencil to mark out the correct spacing for each strand.


Step 11

Tie a bell on each strand of garland then tie the strands to the hanger. Trim off any excess line.

Your patriotic suncatcher/windchime is now ready to be enjoyed and displayed inside or out! If you didn’t want to take the time to distress a hanger, you could just do the garland pieces and hang them around inside or out—together or apart!


  • Vertigo Film – Pebbles, Prisim, Taffeta
  • StazOn Midi Inks – St Valentine, Blue Hawaii, Spiced Chai
  • Spellbinders – Seth Apter Robo Star etched die
  • Chalky finish paint – blue, white
  • Vintage clothes hanger
  • Bells
  • Monofiliment fishing line (or thread)
  • Glue









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