Learn to Adjust with Happy Little Accidents

We Don’t Make Mistakes…

by Roni Johnson


Do you ever have one of those days? You know what I mean, everything seems to be just breezing along just as you envisioned it and then fate steps in to throw a monkey wrench in the works? Well that’s what happened to me while I was making this summer themed canvas. Yes, I said a summer canvas. As you will see below things were going along smashingly until fate decided that I needed this saying hanging on the wall of my art room a bit more than a canvas with a pretty summer sentiment.

Skill: We all make mistakes, so all skill levels
Time: Depends on how long it takes you to get over it



Step 1

On a plain natural canvas generously spritz the entire canvas with Ink Potion No. 9.


Step 2

Use an Ink Dropper to apply dots of Sky Blue All-Purpose Ink (API) randomly over the canvas. Let the Ink Potion No.9 spread the ink naturally.


Step 3

Repeat using API in Green Apple and Tropical Lagoon.


Step 4

Use a small paintbrush dipped into Ink Potion No. 9 to pull the inks towards the edge of the canvas. Once you are satisfied with the design, set it aside to dry.

∗Insert ominous music here

I didn’t follow my own instructions to SET ASIDE. I inadvertently spilled two-thirds of a bottle of Tropical Lagoon API on my drying canvas that I had left on my work surface.


Trying not to cry over spilt ink, I came up with an alternative. As fate would have it  earlier that day I read where Bob Ross videos were going to become available again on a movie rental site. Inspiration hits!


Step 5

“Match” the Tropical Lagoon by adding more Sky Blue and Apple Green splotches in the other corner and let it dry – in another room.


Step 6

Once dry, mix a couple drops of Champagne Mist API in an mini spritz bottle with Ink Potion No. 9. Shake and spritz the mix over the canvas and once again let it dry.


Step 7

Print out desired sentiment in fun, funky fonts that match the mood of the canvas. All of these fonts can be found at DaFont.com. Cut out and arrange on the canvas for fit; take a photo to help with the arrangement later on.


Step 8

Color the backs of each letter using a black Gelato or similar medium.


Step 9

Re-position each word on the canvas; temporarily adhere it with washi tape or painters tape. Use a stylus or other blunt ended tool to trace over each word exactly as it is on the printout. Continue until each word has been transferred to the canvas.


Step 10

Outline and fill in each letter on the entire canvas with a black Fabrico Marker. Add extra little bits to highlight and frame your sentiment. I added “Bob Ross” to the right edge of the canvas so everyone would know where the quote came from.

This canvas is now hanging in my art room where I can see it every day. It’s a nice reminder to not take things too serious.


  • Canvas Corp – Natural 14×14 Canvas
  • Paintbrush
  • Printed text
  • Faber Castell – Black Gelato
  • Stylus








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