Make An Artist’s Pencil Pouch

Graffiti Style Art Journal Pencil Bag

by Jowilna Nolte

Graffiti styled pencil pouch or art bag with paints and pencils. Colored with fabric inks such as Memento Luxe and All-Purpose Inks in pinks, browns, greens and white.

I have a thing for little bags, well all kinds of bags really. But when in need of something specific to carry all my art journal things in, I grabbed my crafting inks, some fabric and came up with a plan to make it happen. This funky little carry-all bag is perfect to be carted around, messed on, scribbled on, and even to test some ink colors on – and even if some inks would leak inside, well that will just add to the character now won’t it? Take a look at how I created this fun bag….and be inspired!

Skill: Beginner
Time: 1 hour



Step 1

Use any recycled piece of fabric or new fabric that has been washed first.


Step 2

Mist the fabric using a selection of Fireworks mists. Mist over or through stencils or just blotches of colorful areas.


Step 3

Use a stencil and Memento Luxe ink and stencil a pattern randomly over the entire piece of fabric.


Step 4

Stamp dots onto the fabric using Memento Luxe ink in a dark color to create a shadow effect.


Step 5

Clean the stamp and then use white Memento Luxe ink and stamp more dots onto the fabric overlapping the darker dots randomly.


Step 6

Use Frost White All-Purpose ink and an eraser at the back of a pencil and stamp white dots all over the fabric. Leave them to dry.


Step 7

Use Real Black All-Purpose Ink and a draw some shapes onto the bag using Brushstix. Add random stamped words, and even your initials to decorate and finish off the bag.


Step 8

Iron the fabric on heat setting for the fabric. Use another scrap piece to protect your iron from the inks. Sew up the sides and add a zipper at the top of the bag to finish it off. Now you are ready to fill the pencil bag to the brim with all your art journaling supplies.

If you will want to launder your bag, skip the Fireworks step! All other inks will be set in with ironing. Please wait 48 hours after heat setting before laundering .


  • All-Purpose Ink − Frost White, Real Black
  • Memento Luxe − Teal Zeal, Espresso Truffle, Wedding Dress
  • Brushstix − #2 Chisel Tip
  • Fireworks! Spray − Lilac Posies, Pear Tart, Cottage Ivy
  • Sewing Machine (with thread)
  • Fabric − 2 scrap pieces, one big enough to make your bag
  • Stencil
  • Dot stamp
  • Pencil (with eraser)
  • Zipper
  • Iron





One thought on “Make An Artist’s Pencil Pouch

  1. Do you wait for memento Luxe to dry completely (24-48 hrs?) before ironing to heat set? I saw your note to wait 48 hrs after heat setting to launder. I did that, but got bleeding. I washed under the water tap with bar soap to test… in machine, should I use cold water & delicate? Can I speed drying by drying in the clothes dryer before setting with an iron? I’m headed into a big project and trying to settle method details in advance :-))

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